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Hot-pluggable field assembly optical connector transceiver

To meet this requirement, two types of modulation methods have been developed. The first type is to directly modulate the light source at the speed desired. The second modulation type is to use a fiber distribution box external modulator. For the second type, the light source is required to give steady power output.

The next very important characteristic of this light source is small spectral linewidth of the source. This significantly affects the magnitude of dispersion which is directly proportional to the linewidth of the source. Dispersion in fiber causes signal overlap and significantly reduces the system's bandwidth capacity.

Although there are many different types of light sources, fiber optic communication systems usually just use either LED(light emitting diodes) or laser diodes (LD) because of the requirements as stated above. LEDs and LDs feature small size, high power efficiency and many other beneficial features.

Because spontaneous emission is random and appears along all directions, the output from an LED is not directional. Output beam angles may be typically in the range of 30° perpendicular to the junction, to about 120° parallel to the junction.

SFP stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable is a hot-pluggable field assembly optical connector transceiver. The mechanical, electronic, and optical design and performance are based on a Multisource Agreement (MSA) in the fiber telecom industry.

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