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Using water based Solvent Based Adhesive

The primary benefit of using water based Solvent Based Adhesive is that these don’t contain volatile or highly combustible materials; this feature reduces the risk of fire or explosion. Some industries like Pidlite and Transpek silox etc offer silox based adhesives also that are used as sealant also.

Every adhesive has its plus and negative aspects; therefore, selection is very crucial and needs the help of chemical and material experts.

During the molding and vulcanization process (which requires heat and sustained cavity pressure as a catalyst), chemical reactions are taking place. On a molecular level, cross-linking occurs between the elastomer and adhesive and between the adhesive and substrate.

Substrate surface preparation is extremely important for good adhesion. Bonding surfaces need to be clean and free of oils, cutting fluids, rust inhibitors, dirt, oxidation or other contamination. A wide array of surface preparation methods, either mechanical or chemical, can be employed and are specifically chosen based on the substrate material and geometry.

Bonding for seals are a mixed choice. In the short term, chemically bonded seals can perform and create a Solvent Based Adhesive Factory sufficient seal for liquids and many gases. However, in applications for long term use epoxy bonds are permeable to certain gases and moisture and are not used in seals that require high hermetic seal integrity.

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