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Качества: для крупных строительных материалов супермаркете или магазине купить, попробуйте купить известных брендов. Прежде чем вы покупаете, проверьте упаковку продукта, товарный знак изготовителя и инспекции качества, гарантийные обязательства.

Выпуска количество формальдегида: формальдегид выпуска в количестве является очень важным показателем, содержание формальдегида в украшении пола стандарт будет серьезный вред здоровью человека и даже привести к заболеваний или рака.

Нашей страны связанных с стандарт формальдегида фанерной продукции на каждые 100 граммов формальдегида фанеры должны быть меньше или равна 9 мг (т.е. & Amp; lt; 9 мг/100 г), для вас и вашей семье здоровья, должен быть ниже, чем стандарт бренда.

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The most important of the solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring, there are two special: soft wood and bamboo flooring.

Solid wood flooring---beautiful and comfortable, Noble enjoy a long history of solid wood flooring It is made from wood floor, Mostly tongue-and-groove floors, easier to install, the price in accordance with the different tree species and different brands of 100 yuan per square meter to 700 yuan/square meters.

More than half of the floor on the market is the result of the finished floor of the coating (paint), generally known as the "paint-plate".

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Hinder the normal sales several big camp began, when the word "vicious competition" into the scope of our hearing? Look at the floor of the shenzhen market, really busy: at the beginning of the end, the dealer side "show" yourself with a bang, while their plunder.

Then you will understand, vicious competition is not only companies and shouted "jump off a building to sell blood" price war. If price war play is Ming Ming dao, then false advertising and grandiose propaganda is * * to intangible in poison.

The so-called European brand, several dozen times better than the national standard of formaldehyde release a quantity to... Each sugar-coated cannonball, is nothing but misguided means, for the consumer that miserable, not cheap, but a disaster.

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Твердое ядро полы и окна решетки является сделать комнату показаться, изящные и элегантные. Возможно вы заметили изменение дизайна интерьера из викторианской эпохи в Соединенные Штаты, дерева всегда играли весьма важную роль.

Один классический скошенный стекла пола с цветами и удобные природные деревянные окна, пусть мое сердце было действительно в количество людей на дому. Украшающ подсказки: 1. уникальный металл этаж обрабатывает, склонны дать ворота добавить элегантности.

Соответствии с панели пола, чтобы создать иллюзию пространства может дать человеку впечатление роскошного благородства.

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As urban family adornment market warms up continuously, the demand that builds adornment material also shows ascendant trend.

When the user's selection and application of some family decoration decoration materials, More into the health, safety, environmental protection, and the concept of culture, is a group of people dotes sense of fashion, personalized non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting new decorative materials.

Natural stone, wood and bamboo, paper fiber, cotton and other natural materials are particularly favored.The most obvious feature of these materials is a simple and natural, Concise and fresh, give a person with elegant and warm feeling, in line with growing consumer demands of environmental protection, the trend of sales and marketing.

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The resilience of cork can significantly reduce, while standing or walking to the human body back, leg, ankle reaction. Old bones in glial component decreases, articular cavity elasticity is insufficient, cork floor can have very good buffer role.

In addition, soft without good anti-skid feature. In the shu step wood cork floor lab microscope you can see, the pure cork floor surface is made up of countless gasbag of the cork cells are cut up small "sucker".

Foot in cork floor, and cut the airbag boundary friction coefficient will be greatly increased, the contact point of the pure cork floor friction coefficient is 0.4, level 6, that is to say, even though the pure cork floor pour water or oil, people is not easy to slip and fall.

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Regard country of the first settle as the enterprise of forest industry city, "Industry of auspicious day timber " promotion of quality of the product after company go into operation, the market extends, what the enterprise produces nowadays is medium floor of high-grade fact wood sells past Japan entirely, price of floor of every square metre achieves 700 yuan of above.

"Industry of silvan far timber " the company is a country forest industry city 2 period the company that the division that be stationed in garden joins after project complete, capital of poineering initial stage is in short supply. Xu Zhenjiang of company general manager says, after be informed company difficulty,

forest industry city carries the state small loan assures for enterprise pay for sb and expect to be repaid later the raw material money of 70% , after the product is sold again reimbursement. Forest industry city offers support country " baby-sitter type serves " , nowadays " industry of silvan far timber " company product is popular city of line of domestic just a little, order year after year increases by degrees.

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wind and frost disasters between Paulownia sooner or later. Therefore, paulownia wood furniture is very easy to get. 2, wide distribution of paulownia wood furniture factory is distributed more widely, this is because the growth of Paulownia Wood location is relatively wide, it is the area conditions requirements are not very high, unlike other trees so fragile. In recent years, many areas planted a lot of Paulownia

in all around, also vigorously AGRISILVICULTURE and planted in the field in the forest, some places also gradually to the development of mountain afforestation. Therefore, paulownia wood where paulownia wood furniture production base. 3, good quality paulownia wood furniture material is very good, paulownia wood is easy to easy processing in a furniture colleague, distinctive appearance of

paulownia wood texture, not easily split deformation, not easy to burn, the sound insulation performance is good, but also has moisture insulation, corrosion resistance, easy to dry. Point. Therefore, paulownia wood furniture is very popular. 4, use paulownia wood can be made into various furniture, are people pro gaze. In fact, paulownia wood can not only be made into furniture can also be made into

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Beaverboard of association of Chinese forest products is stationed in meeting vice-chairman Wu Chengfu of Zhang Zhongtao of feldspathic peak of Qian Xiaoyu, secretary, deputy secretary-general, vice-chairman, former chief engineer of designing institute of program of industry of forest products of bureau of forestry of vice-chairman,

country is like batman, association of industry of Chinese forest products is presiding bureau of forestry of expert, country Sun Jian of former vice director of plan money department, the leader honored guest such as tide of Li Kefu of director of association of industry of Guangxi forestry estate, secretary-general week gathers together, discuss industry of our country beaverboard to develop a major programme of lasting importance jointly.

Chinese man-made board formaldehyde is released implement new standardAfter Qian Xiaoyu made working report of the 5th standing council, membership is voting, the election produces vice-president of board of the 6th professional committee and spell director, election of height of king of Inc. of group of trade of Guangxi abundant forest becomes one of spell directors.

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desk 1, because the advantages of material selection, design, computer desk and pine pine manufacturing are coniferous forest. At the same time because of the pine forest coverage rate is high, so all the pine trees are basically without artificial pruning, which makes the rolling after minor parts left completely traces of natural growth. In this way, can be made of pine furniture, can more fully show the actual

material, natural beauty and heavy feeling foolish. 2, the pine computer desk on the market, most of the other pine computer desk are mostly simple and generous, full and smooth lines, less carving techniques, and environmental health. 3, good computer desk after pine regular maintenance, general service life is long, it can also be used as Jiabao passed on from generation to generation! Computer desk

4, high-quality pine logs will emit a unique smell, at first some people will not accustomed to, but this is a special smell not only did harm to human body, but also conducive to good health.     two, pine computer desk 1 disadvantages, because the pine computer desk than soft wood furniture, may lead to cracking and deformation, high moisture content, can easily lead to cracking, so we should

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