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Some experts and scholars are more willing to interpret the bamboo flooring industry from a macro perspective, because the industry has developed to the present, there is still no breakthrough in the domestic market of the "macro of the storm." An industry is not strong, then strong enterprises can not achieve the real strategic goals.

From the domestic market, bamboo flooring industry seems to have many opportunities; from the ecological and long-term development point of view, bamboo flooring industry seems more in line with people's home concept, such as deep-rooted in people's minds of environmental protection; from the enterprise point of view, Flooring similar raw materials ... ...

However, these so-called potential advantages but did not translate into a competitive advantage, bamboo flooring production and sales still can not be compared with the three types of flooring, what is the reason? Bamboo flooring how to break the macro trapped occupation Bamboo flooring advantage of the floor unparalleled,

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the people's livelihood China" to "the 20th anniversary of the plant-ex-gratia" to the upcoming "Mid-Autumn Festival 'Ka' section, National promotion, along the way, "Hui" people word of mouth, climbing, than the Ka floor quality and service, the majority of consumers affirmed and recognized.

Whether it is holiday promotions, or more than Jia Jiaqing, Bijia price scale, so that other flooring companies catch up, thanks to a stronger than the Ka industrial chain and first-class technology. The event time for the September 10 - October 7, is still continuing high-quality low-cost promotional style, the "benefit" policy in the end!National Day is approaching,

the outbreak of shopping needs concentrated, and in the price pressure, tariffs and other new factors under the influence of many consumers this year, began to give up to Hong Kong and overseas "shopping", switch to the same big selling genuine, the price is lower Of the professional website,

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rattan furniture is divided into synthetic vines and natural vines bespoke pallets decking wood prices , natural vines in wet weather because of their porous and more sewn is more susceptible to mold or insects, so need to be careful maintenance, regular cleaning san francisco wood composite decks manufacturers . The easiest way is to the supermarket to buy anti-mildew pest control agent,

regular rattan furniture surface care. For the synthetic rattan furniture, just regular rinse with water, or with ordinary detergent can be scrubbed 4 x 8 wood fence panel . After cleaning the rattan furniture can not be in the sun exposure, otherwise it will cause deformation or fracture. Solid wood furniture on a regular basis to check mildew,

"In good weather, remember to open the cabinet and other solid wood furniture from time to time, let it ventilation.This can play a very good anti-mildew drying effect buy wpc deck in India ." Chongqing cabinet Industry Association Secretary-General Yuan Jianming remind readers, "the kitchen of solid wood furniture, to regularly check and clean wipe, to prevent its mildew."

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In the world of the pvc decking restorer , enhanced simplicity and sophistication are interpreted even more legendary. Strengthen the floor, whether it is currently has the resources or prospects for the future are boundless bright light, in the 7mm-15mm thickness, so that each consumer can appreciate the magic of the trex decking trailer to enhance,

from the extraordinary touch to meet The public on the ultra-high cost requirements. In general, consumers choose to buy laminate flooring, the first floor from the view brand, brand reputation to understand the beginning How to build a wood bench with a back , select the brand's brand flooring is already a common practice.

Buy well-known brands to ensure product quality and service of the dual security, even if problems can be handled favorably. Second, the focus is to strengthen the floor thickness and wear resistance How to make benches attached to posts , in the end to strengthen the thickness of the floor is the thicker the better, or the thinner the better?

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People know from the laminate flooring to strengthen the composite floor to accept the time, but two to three years, up to now, laminate flooring has become the first choice for home decoration materials. However, when we go into the consumption of laminate flooring is not difficult to find,

although most consumers have been familiar with laminate flooring such as wear durable, modern and so on the advantages, but the face of dozens of home improvement materials, strengthen the city floor brand And as the difference in the number of series like the price of chaos, the consensus is that they feel at a loss, to buy either by feeling,

or pick the price, the most intelligent consumers but also to wear-resistant or formaldehyde content Selection criteria, but these indicators is very difficult to say clearly, in general, the current strengthening of the floor or in a "confused" stage, there is still a gap from mature consumption.

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So many people began to choose a new solid wood Patio Decking Company , including some high-end customers, because the new solid wood flooring also has a series of expensive solid wood. There are solid wood flooring compared with the new solid wood floor installation does not require keel Composite Wall Panels For Trailers , saving money and renovation time,

but also to avoid the keel deformation caused by product damage.With the development of science and technology, for consumers to choose more and more wood Composite Deck Board Veranda Reviews , people can also choose according to individual aesthetic preferences of different floors. In the bedroom decoration process, the selection of the floor is very critical,

a good floor to make the bedroom look more comfortable and comfortable. More and more types of flooring on the market into the people's lives, from the traditional solid wood Patio Plastic Wood Floor Egypt to the current parquet, laminate flooring, parquet flooring, floor classification is varied, styles are also changing, then the bedroom decoration in the end what floor is good?

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In this regard, a brand of floor sales staff Wang told reporters that the composite floor is composed of four parts, including the substrate is caused by the cost of the composite floor of the main components of difference, a high-quality substrate and qualified substrate price difference of 20 Yuan,

a qualified substrate and poor substrate and a difference of more than 10 yuan, so the spread is not so surprising. The performance of different types of composite flooring are also different: solid wood flooring, excellent stability, the price is relatively moderate, you can enjoy the effect of solid wood,

but multi-layer parquet can not be re-polished; laminate flooring, also known as Fangmu floor , The price is relatively cheap, wear good care, style and more patterns, but the appearance and texture and natural wood floors are different, and the degree of wet water in a certain breakthrough after a waterproof line, there will be permanent expansion,

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A good choice of room lighting and the scope of the larger best engineered wood flooring , shades can be. The lower floors, lighting is not enough room will have to pay attention to select the higher brightness, color, suitable for ground materials, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker materials holes in composite decking .

But most of the home improvement rookie do not quite understand how to compare the floor with the style of the country, how to compare with Chinese style, and in the decoration style has been decided under the premise of the choice of the low maintenance composite decking and what kind of know-how ?

Ground color, the ground color to set off the color of furniture, and the ground decoration is a long-term renovation, under normal circumstances, will not often change, so the choice should take into account many factors L wooden deck bench plans . Among them, the neutral color has been the mainstream color, but if properly matched, dark, light can achieve the desired results.

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cork flooring pavement after the end, regardless of the gap pavement close under deck roofing , are easy to filth, over time will form a black line, mop the floor when the water on the mop is also easy to penetrate (especially the bathroom, kitchen and other humid ) Solution: Pave the cork flooring clean and then roll over again and wear-resistant and environmentally friendly cork replacement for outdoor park bench boards special paint.

(Note: paint performance must be consistent with the flexibility of cork) 4,48 hours later, you can do a cork flooring protection, a set of cork flooring special protection solution to greatly increase the wear-resistant cheap floating deck over concrete patio , greatly extend the service life.Composite wood flooring because the price is relatively cheap advantage, won the majority of consumers, but the choice of composite floor,

the majority of consumers to focus on the floor of the performance, price, quality assurance, while ignoring the such as Accessories, accessories, installation and other aspects that are considered minutiae composite decking western australia . In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Because, if these details do not pay attention to,

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Experts advise consumers to buy the decks project cost calcul , you should have some knowledge of the installation in advance. First, to ensure that the ground is dry, smooth, no debris, usually floor installation should be completed after the completion of other decorative works. Second recycled material of fence panels , the choice of dry,

straight wood to do the keel and specifications in the 3 �� 2.0cm or 4 �� 2.5cm appropriate to ensure that the keel level after the keel and the ground with nails fixed. Third, the floor must not be too tight fight waterproof composite wood floor cladding , especially in the wall should be set aside 10mm gap, to ensure adequate contraction of the floor gap.

Fourth, at the floor of the slot can be used nails or studless 45-degree direction to the floor fixed to the keel. Fifth, the length of the floor should be consistent with the direction of the low carbon composite playground fence to ensure a good visual effect. Sixth, to see whether the home heating or geothermal floor matching with the purchase.

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