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B & Q, Kyrgyzstan world, Xinjing Building Materials City, Jiangtou Building Materials Market, Guolian Building Materials City, Alishan Building Such as the "Warring States seven male" carved up, the island integrated building materials stores more than 200,000 square meters area,

Jiangdu building materials business dominated the world situation has also been replaced by a multi-center market structure. B & Q Xiamen Mingfa shop has a business area of ​​10,000 square meters, operating more than 50,000 kinds of products in 14 major categories,

including building materials pipe fittings, wood, wall and floor finishing materials, kitchen and bathroom home. Ji family world, with a total area of ​​about 100,000 square meters, operating area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters, is currently Xiamen's largest home building materials stores.

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product showroom introduced. She pointed at the scarred floor and said that Europeans and Americans admire nature and like the qualities that such wood itself has, and in China,curved metal and wood fencing people often do not like this scarred floor. In 2012, affected by the global economic situation, the entire industry was in a dilemma. Enterprises everywhere participated in international exhibitions, rebuilt the raw materials and product distribution networks,[url=http://goodfloorings.com/panel/5284.html]pvc decking vs concrete cost porch stairs[/url] and the sales volume increased year by year. Sun Huigang said that logs are imported directly from Europe and the United States, and the products go out through the exhibition again. With the relatively smooth circulation channels

established over the years, the sales volume is constantly increasing. On the sound equipment industry chain In the Far East Wood production workshop, the reporter saw a log like a pencil,wpc fence panels price was cut into thin pieces, as the parquet flooring. Far East Wood is the pursuit of the world's advanced manufacturing equipment, technology convergence. German power plane, double-end milling, planing saw, Germany Bega hot pressing production line,[url=http://woodflooringforum.com/wood-flooring/4447.html]composite decking suppliers in singapore[/url] Schroder slotted tenon line, Hammer floor milling line, Bayao floor paint production line ...... In Heilongjiang Far East Wood Co., Ltd. to introduce The world's leading flooring processing equipment production line,

the workers are well-organized wood drying, cutting, grinding, spraying and so on. The domestic upstream processing enterprises closed down due to the substantial price increase of Russian timber,best paint for composite decking and Far Eastern Wood set out to build its own billet production line and improve the entire industrial chain. 'Because of the ever-scarce timber, especially the precious wood we use for flooring and furniture, the traditional method is sawing,[url=http://floormatscheap.com/diy-deck/1169.html]wicker vinyl windham fence panel[/url] wasting raw materials and having a very low yield, so we have introduced a slicing line.' Far East Wood, Heilongjiang Han Xianju, executive vice president of industry, said the new putty production line, with an annual

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only sell 290 yuan / square meter. Marco Polo tiles: for the United States and three stores Beaux-Number 800X800 floor tiles, the original price of 128 yuan / piece, only sell 69.8 to 76 yuan. Revlon ceramic tiles: usually not discounted Revlon, next weekend,

the factory specifically approved Bo Mei Simon, South store audience buy five get one free. More ex-gratia information, please pay attention to next week, Home Edition Next week to Bo Mei buy flooring / ceramic tile to send 880 yuan brand-name sink activities 2 days,

consumers buy BoMei floor / wall tiles / closet doors / doors over 4,000 yuan, Get 880 yuan worth of high-grade stainless steel sink set. (Limited to one per household, special offers do not enjoy the discount) At the same time consumers in Bo Mei shopping over 1,000 yuan,

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Bamboo flooring can be divided according to the surface structure of the radial bamboo flooring - side bamboo flooring and chord bamboo flooring surface - flat bamboo floor two categories. By bamboo flooring decorative garden fence qatar living processing methods can be divided into natural bamboo flooring and carbonized bamboo flooring. Natural bamboo flooring to maintain the original color of bamboo, and carbonized bamboo flooring bamboo to be carbonized under high temperature and pressure to make the color of bamboo deepen, and the uniform color of the bamboo.

Bamboo flooring processing technology and the traditional bamboo products is different, it is the use of wall cladding for shower bamboo in the upper, the bamboo flooring strict selection, timber, bleaching, curing, dehydration, pest control, anti-corrosion and other processes after processing. And then by high temperature, high pressure thermosetting veneer into. Relative solid wood floor.

It has its advantages and disadvantages, bamboo flooring wear, pressure, moisture, fire, its physical properties superior to solid uae garden fence for sale wood flooring, tensile strength higher than the solid wood flooring and shrinkage lower than solid wood flooring, so after laying no cracking, Not distort, not deformed arch.

However, the high strength of bamboo flooring, high hardness, feel better wood flooring comfortable, there is no appearance of solid wood floor rich and varied. Its appearance is natural bamboo texture, beautiful color, conform to the mentality of people back to nature, which is better thermo anti skip boat flooring than laminate flooring. So the price is also between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring.

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As a more environmentally friendly material, bamboo began to appear in many aspects of modern decoration, we are all familiar with a variety of bamboo furniture. Attempts have also been made to wood decking with concrete make the floor, and since bamboo flooring is also a relatively new product, most consumers are not quite sure about it. Bamboo flooring, also known as bamboo flooring, is a composite of bamboo and wood products.

Bamboo flooring from the panel, the core and the floor of the three-tier structure, the use of the panel and the floor is bamboo, the core is made of wood processing. It has the cheap outside flooring in denmark following advantages: First of all, because bamboo flooring is the surface of the bamboo used, we all know that bamboo gives a natural fresh visual impression, so the appearance of bamboo flooring can show a fine, smooth texture, leaving people Green

healthy psychological feelings; in order to solve the problem of low headroom, is not conducive to the laying of keel, bamboo flooring design Shuangkengkou bamboo Outdoor WPC floors for Norway flooring, including E-type and F-type two, so you do not need keel, direct pavement Floor; solid wood flooring is a more obvious drawback is the moisture content of wood. In this regard, bamboo flooring has been improved, are based on the climate characteristics of different parts of the targeted production, improve the control of the floor moisture content, reduce the climate change caused by the possibility of floor deformation and improve the stability of bamboo flooring .

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their products not only to meet domestic but also to meet the export market demand. Since August last year, Hengyi solid wood composite new 'family sports floor'veranda composite railing system listed, started the first shot in the transformation of Hengyi. Next, January 6 this year, stunning debut parquet floor pure European-style 'Venus Series' and is full of the Middle East exotic 'Egyptian parquet series.' March of the advent of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization purely innovative 'Magnolia series.' Hengyi's rapid product development has always given people a 'dizzying' feeling.[url=http://floormatscheap.com/diy-deck/3979.html]protect wood stairs from pets[/url] The advent of new products every time can always bring people a pleasant surprise, not to

give serious to the homogeneity of the Chinese flooring industry hit a shotgun card. Hengyi as innovation for business growth and survival of the road, insist on not fry,composite lawn furniture companies go down every step of the way. In the flooring industry to chase fancy gimmicks, stir-fry all kinds of speculation, the Internet every day, the fight is not good, Heng Yi is thinking: We are holding 'Hengyi parquet floor,' this piece of gold full of Signboard stability day? Or the brand bigger and stronger, the wisdom of Hengyi people continue to dig out dedicated to the community?[url=http://woodflooringforum.com/wood-flooring/588.html]composite wall cladding[/url] The answer is: Hengyi = innovation, Hengyi only innovation. Hengyi parquet is Hengyi in the field of solid wood

composite bold innovation and another way, it can be said that the classification of solid wood composite subdivision and optimization, but also the origin of the wood floor decorative decoration firm advocate.new composite wood suppliers in dubai Hengyi in the field of solid wood composite innovation in the field did not ignore the first category of flooring products - laminate flooring. Zhang Hongwu, general manager of Hengyi floor architectural design professionals, seven years to strengthen floor product development and marketing experience. According to general manager Zhang Hongwu introduction:[url=http://woodenflooringinfo.com/composite-deck/2.html]outside colors of paint[/url] laminate flooring flooring industry is the first major category, and is still the future

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Bamboo flooring wear-resistant rotation of turn on qualified products. The main factor that determines the level of abrasion resistance is the amount of abrasion resistant primer applied. Here refers to the number of rotations of the paint film worn, although most of the bamboo floor wear resistance is less than up to thousands of turn of the laminate flooring, but still how much is deck installed per sq foot better than solid wood flooring. Formaldehyde release amount to see the material available hand and eye, if the floor in your hand lighter, indicating the use of tender bamboo; if the eye of its blurred texture, indicating that the bamboo is not fresh than the old bamboo.

Authentic bamboo than other bamboo fibers hard and dense, compressive and flexural strength, wear-resistant, not easy to absorb moisture, high density, good toughness, scalability. Look at the structure of the floor from both ends of the bamboo floor to see whether the symmetrical balance of the floor structure, the floor Composite decking Blade layer and the layer of glue is close, with both hands breaking, whether there will be stratification.

Can be random sampling, the method is arbitrary take more than one floor, placed on the flat surface tenon, slot after splitting, if consistent with the structure is stable. Look at the color concept of the floor color: natural floor color golden yellow, whole body translucent; carbonized bamboo flooring is bronze or brown, uniform color and gloss. In addition to the antique flooring, the bamboo flooring should be uniform in hue, allowing a slight chromatic aberration that wpc dealers in bangalore does not affect the decorative effect.

See whether the paint surface six leaching paint Bamboo flooring is a green natural products, the surface with pores, due to the existence of the probability of moisture absorption caused by deformation, it must be around and at the end of the surface all the paint. The floor placed on the benefits of light, see its surface with or without air bubbles, pitting, orange peel phenomenon, look at its rich, full, smooth. Look at the age bamboo bamboo is not the bigger the better. The best bamboo age should be 4-6 years, 4 years old is too small no timber, bamboo is kerala home exterior options other than siding too tender; aged 9 years old bamboo skin is too thick, brittle is not good to use. Too tender, too old will affect the stability of bamboo flooring.

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output of 800,000 square meters, the floor monthly production of 50,000 to 80,000 square meters, the annual output increased by 10% to 20% . In 2012 it was 400,000 square meters and it is now 1 million square meters.pontoon vinyl wood flooring for sale Han Xianju said that we put all the advanced equipment together,[url=http://goodfloorings.com/boat/3422.html]how to make a deck nice[/url] like cooking jars, automatic slicing machine, drum dryer, vacuum kiln drying, this one down the production line, our annual output of 500,000 square meters, so both To meet the needs of our own production, there are some other brothers can supply units. Heavy science and technology research and development of new products to master the world's advanced

production technology, and continuously improve the gold content of enterprises and products, is the relentless pursuit of the Far East Wood goal. With the expansion of the industry,why choose wood over other composites Sun Huigang more and more realize that scientific research is the first guarantee for the survival of enterprises. 'The low threshold of wood products industry, no one can do, but to bigger and stronger, only rely on science and technology.[url=http://abouthardwoodfloor.com/wood-floor/3478.html]sloping wood slab post anchor[/url] The added value of new products is the highest, the profit of new products can be ordinary products dozens or even hundreds of times.' Sun Huigang said. Enterprise Technology R \u0026 D Minister Wang Wencheng said R \u0026 D

department is constantly developing new products, the current study is the original, simple distressed products. In order to find new technologies, Sun Huigang once went to Germany,how much does it cost to install vinyl deck fence per foot Canada, Denmark and other places to inspect, knowing that the current international latest material is better than the functionally improved wood. As a result, he invested tens of millions of dollars to buy timber for wood treatment system.[url=http://woodflooringforum.com/pvc-fence/1013.html]chinese look back yard fences[/url] At the beginning of its establishment, Far East Wood outsourced all materials and only produced intermediate links. Today Far East Wood has independently developed high-performance composite wood of new materials and its downstream

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black pottery, double-like floor,cheap wooden deck caps Weihe Forestry Bureau of wood carvings, Lin Kou Forestry Bureau of stone, Bamei Forestry Department of ore have become both Chinese and foreign Guests and friends of the things. Simple is not simple, not to reduce weight reduction, as the Haha exhibition exhibits one of the most prominent features. Yingchun Forestry Bureau, Suiyang Forestry Bureau and Songjiang plywood factory points This year,[url=http://hardyflooring.co.uk/diy-deck/69.html]recycled plastic outdoor floor[/url] the provincial party committee and government put forward the strategy of going out, requiring adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, expansion and development of international markets and promotion of

economic restructuring. Longjiang forest workers to actively play Resource advantages, increase Russia's efforts to develop Russia's cooperation with the intention to establish waterproof plywood for floor deck.From the domestic to foreign countries, Longjiang forest workers to achieve the perfect transition in Kazakhstan and the world docking. Piano selling in the province market, the floor blocks and Glulam Into the national market,[url=http://deckingboards.org/wall-panel/2622.html]houseboat wall panels[/url] sales of pencil board and doll

occupy Jiucheng international market. Shangzhi City, integrated wood processing enterprises resources, will fight their own 'batten' composed of 'warships' to participate in domestic and international market competition,crack resistant wpc importers by fine processing and high Quality break a piece of world, as one of the city's pillar industries.Piano production province only violin production 'tailored' Harbin is rich in forestry resources is called 'wood base', before going out is the 'original name', is back Processed finished products, the middle profit and more foreign merchants earn away.[url=http://hardyflooring.co.uk/wall-panel/4903.html]100mm pvc panels cheap china[/url] Now Shangzhi city through the integration of resources to form a deep In recent years, they have seen

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value of 1.8 billion. Wood is covered with treasure.building a composite deck step by step Shangzhi Shi wood deep processing of sawdust produced in the past were piled into hills in the factory, hired to remove. Today, the city vigorously develop black fungus and other fungal cultivation industry, cultivation has reached 1.3 billion bags, sawdust as black fungus cultivation essential 'bag' raw material, has become a precious bacterium farmers. At present, various types of wood processing enterprises in Shangzhi have been developed to more than 1000 (Shangzhi Wood Manufacturers Daquan), deep processing of wood products up to more than 100 varieties,[url=http://hardyflooring.co.uk/wall-panel/3494.html]which is costly sintra board or plywood[/url] is expected this year will reach 5.2

billion yuan in industrial output value,armadillo composite decking sales revenue of 5 billion Yuan or so, the product exports reached 50%. Northeast Network October 21 (Reporter Gu Shuo) A few days ago, Heilongjiang Administration of Industry and Commerce commissioned Heilongjiang Province wood-based panels and logs lumber product quality supervision and inspection station of Yichun, Hegang, Qiqihar, Jixi 66 distribution units and other sales 54 batches of wood-based panels and 40 batches of flooring were quality-monitored. According to GB18580-2001 'interior decoration materials,[url=http://hardyflooring.co.uk/pvc-fence/2541.html]plastic roof panels for covered decks trinidad and tobago[/url] formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels and their products,' GB / T5849-

2006 'blockboard' and other standards require that the formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels, flooring products, static song Strength, core quality, nail holding force, stripping, bonding strength,manufacture of polymer additives in japan water thickness expansion rate, surface wear resistance, surface bonding strength and other projects were tested. After testing, wood-based panels qualified 5 batches, the passing rate of 9.3%, 49 batches failed,[url=http://a-wooddeck.com/deck/4785.html]nara wood outdoor from philippine[/url] the failure rate of 90.7%. The test, formaldehyde emission exceeded 15 batches, accounting for 27.8% of the sampling panel. The highest value of 58mg / 100g plate, exceeding the allowable value (8mg / 100g plate) 7.25 times. Floor qualified 16

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