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hanging ceiling, do furniture frame. Second, the woodworking process skills 1, the pattern panel to go out to buy paint brush again, to avoid being soiled. 2, gypsum board with the wall with 3MM seam, in order to implement anti-cracking disposal. 3, gypsum board at the angle of the best angle to do maintenance. 4, wooden doors and leaves at the top of the brush to paint. 5, the cabinet as far as possible to buy the whole, carpentry is not good, the design is

not OK. 6, large wooden plate bought after the Sawing dry. Third, the woodworking process matters after the acceptance of water and electricity, carpentry approach, cement workers kitchen wall waterproofing treatment and paste tiles. Woodworking, including hanging ceiling, making a variety of cabinets, decorative walls, doors, including window sets and so on. Woodworking approach to note: 1, get the designer's drawings, the best before they carefully

check the size of the signature before. Normally, the standard wood core board, the specifications of the panel 1.2m �� 2.44m, the glass is 1.2m �� 2m, the size of the size of the production specifications than the need for collage or special custom, if the material plane and thickness specifications, Making great obstacles and excessive spending. 2, carpentry should bring their own toolbox, workstations, air compressors and other commonly used tools, especially

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because the real real wood in addition to rosewood, flowers and camphor trees and no beautiful lines. Erwen pure wood has its own special taste, even if the long-term storage or finishing still left after the smell, and there are many wood will retain the faint taste, such as pine woody taste, cedar light fragrance, cedar spicy taste, shirt Wood has a unique smell, camphor wood will have a very clear camphor, bass wood with oil smell, mahogany incision will have a

strong spicy aroma, walnut will be slightly choking nose, a lot of domestic wood without smell, Wood-based panels will have a very strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde, well recognized. Three knock on the solid wood parts will be issued by the light will be more crisp sound, while the panel is low voice, the box will be issued a pound of wood drums. Four weighs the weight of the wood is divided into three levels: light heavyweight has a dry

Paulownia wood, the heavyweight of the pine, linden wood, autumn wood and so on. In the north of China to the density of wood known as softwood (except pine), heavyweight in addition to mahogany, rosewood, rosewood and other hardwood outside the oak, ash and birch and imported Liu An wood are known as hard Wood, in summary of the wood coffee table than the particleboard, medium density fiberboard coffee table lighter. The above content is

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to check the door, the door switch is flexible, leaving the seam is flexible, leaving the seam is in line with specifications. 5, the installation of the door line will be with a straight edge of the door line cut into 45 degrees angle, with woodworking planing, right angle into the door slot, and the use of floor glue to the door sets and door sets of sticky. 6, in the corresponding position to install the door suction. & nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion: how to install the wooden

door is how to introduce Xiaobian here, I hope to help you. To learn more decoration knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.In the home decoration, the wooden side of the production accounted for a large part, so the choice of the wooden side is particularly important. There are many factors that affect the quality of wood, such as pests, cracks, decay, discoloration, deformation, etc., here we have a detailed understanding of

these factors affect the quality of wood. 1, pest wood in the storage, transportation, use of the process, will often be affected by pests. Wood natural enemies are termites, beetles, weevils and so on. If the wood side of the protection of improper, will be damaged by these pests, thus affecting the quality of the project wooden side. It is recommended that if it is used for outdoor use of wood, use preservatives soak, so that preservatives penetrate into the wood

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Experts said that the current state has not tested the amount of negative impact on the wood floor industry standards, business propaganda too far. Flooring publicity pattern Yesterday, the reporter went to Fuzhou Huiduo Li building materials market, see a lot of floor playing "concept card",

in addition to "antibacterial floor", the "negative ion floor" "negative ion antibacterial floor" also abound. Reporters in the elephant floor of the sink to see the store, the store posted and hanging "anion antibacterial floor" of the ad. In addition, the negative ion antimicrobial flooring.

is a substance added to the process of wood making, so that the wood floor will produce negative ions when it reacts with air and water. "Why in the mountains, the sea is particularly good air? Is because the negative ions are more." Miss promotions that this floor will be more expensive than ordinary floor.

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five points in the selection of wood, in order to pick to the quality of the wood side. For more information on decoration materials, please continue to focus on home decoration network.What should be noted in the process of measuring the doors? Before installing the doors, the surveyors should measure the doors so that they can make the right doors. However, there are some factors to consider when measuring the doors. Otherwise, there will be a lot of

doors The trouble. Here to see Xiaobian introduced the process of measuring the door of the five major considerations it In order to reduce the cost of ordering consumers, the formal brand will be the hole width, height, wall thickness classified to the standard combination size, so the need for construction site with the attention of the following points: : 1, the requirements of the door to complete the vertical wall without tilt, the thickness of the wall around the same,

and in a vertical face, or the door may appear to install the whole line or between the wall and the gap between the size of the phenomenon. 2, the measurement staff will be measured according to the actual size of the hole, the corresponding rectification requirements, please confirm the product production and installation hole size, and thus by the implementation of the construction team to carry out rectification construction. Different series of doors have

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construction in the decoration works mainly to do the wooden keel (including the roof keel and the floor keel); in the civil engineering is mainly to do the concrete template Leng wood; is widely used in ceiling, partition, solid wood floor skeleton production. Wooden side specifications 1, the wooden side of the specifications are generally divided into 30 * 50 mm, this refers to its length and width we call 3 5 side, this is generally used to hang the wooden keel

used, or do some modeling Of the internal structure used. 60 * 90, the general old-fashioned furniture frame is to use this to do, but almost in the home decoration rarely seen. 120 * 40, called the door side. Is used to do the door of the skeleton, both sides of the paste in the board paint, a door made. 2, the general decoration of the wooden side is not painted, when doing the internal structure of the time will be necessary to brush on the fire paint. 3, theoretically

speaking, the wooden side can be used in modeling, but the problem is whether the use of beautiful and reasonable, as long as the beautiful and reasonable there is no material and things can not be used, the main look at the designer's skill. 4, the painting process is generally the first to put on the putty, the wood in the eyes are close to death, or spray the paint easy to spend, and then sandpaper polished in the spray primer and then polished, so again about four

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there are different levels of quality problems. The reader "checks" the floor with the final result. Among them, B & Q, the United States and other brands of leopard products to varying degrees, there are quality problems. While the bending strength, surface bonding strength and surface wear resistance is its main problem.

The end of March, the reporter and the readers of the city market on the 15 reinforced wood flooring brand random "sampling." The contents of the test included six indexes such as static bending strength, internal bonding strength, water swelling rate, surface gluing strength,

surface wear resistance and formaldehyde emission. The National Wooden Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center found that all indicators of qualified macro resistance, blessing and other 12 brands. BAI-dong own brand "B & Q" B02-ECO Burmese mahogany 3174,

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Germany advanced technology, solved the melamine coated special difficulties, will all kinds of special-shaped wood trim used melamine facade, is a combination of high-grade plate line the wooden door, the ultimate solution to the strengthening of door design style as high-grade wood door shortcomings. The introduction and application of the technology in my country represents the strengthening of the

domestic strengthening of the door industry, and has basically developed simultaneously with the international, and can also be sure of the judgment, and strengthen the door will eventually usher in a higher wave of development and progress. The basic characteristics of the production of melamine molded door is provided with concave convex shape by molding door panel or wood or wood without a wood

interior door production, using the wood fiber, with high temperature and high pressure molding. When the panel came out, it led a revolution in the international interior door industry. She brought the quality of stability at the same time, and expressed a strong idea of environmental protection: the protection of forest resources. The surface of the product is made from polyester synthetic material imported from

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Disadvantages are mainly composed of inorganic materials, so never rotten. Calcium silicate board and magnesium oxide board similar, easy to confuse. Should not be linked to the weight of the what is 400 feet of fencing cost construction method Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board plate installation and fixation According to the design drawings and the actual construction, the cutting and opening of the plate, if necessary, the scene for chamfering, fiber reinforced calcium silicate board two long The edges are already chamfered, but when the wall is above 244 cm, the short side of the fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board must be chamfered at the site Estimating Cost of a Trex Deck App in order to better handle the seam.

In the fiber reinforced calcium silicate board surface line and marked with self-tapping screw fixed point, while pre-drilling concave hole (aperture than the tapping screw head 1 mm ~ 2 mm, hole depth 1 mm ~ 2 mm). Self-tapping screw from the edge of the board 15 mm, 5 cm from the plate angle, tapping screw spacing 20 cm to 25 cm.

When the wall is laid, the longitudinal simple roof and floor trusses for sale philippines sides of the board are fixed on the vertical keel. When the plate is docked, it should be close to the ground, and the joints on both sides of the wall should be staggered and can not fall on the same keel.

The Fixed fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, the plate and the keel should be pre-drilling, aperture diameter than the tapping screw diameter of 1 cm, fiber reinforced calcium silicate board with self-tapping screws, fixed from the middle of the plate to the Peripherally fixed, all screw head should sink into the board 1 cm. When installing the doors and windows around out door decking northern ireland the board, the slabs can not fall on the keel with the horizontal and vertical frames on the ground to avoid frequent cracks in the doors and windows.

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certain size and strength of the man-made board production enterprises and formed a strong momentum of development. Recently, Dunhua city government to scientific development as the command,wood plastic for cladding
to focus on scientific and technological transformation to Changbai Mountain advantage of timber resources as the basis, give full play to the advantages and resources of Dunhua City, to develop high quality,[url=http://deckingwholesale.com/wpc-deck/2173.html]cheapest wood flooring[/url] high technology content of solid wood flooring as the focus Create a national high-quality solid wood flooring production base activities. Dunhua City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of the city's wood-based panel manufacturing

enterprises to build a general archives, to strengthen the production of wood-based panel enterprises to carry out inspection and supervision and inspection,park bench replacement wood to strengthen the daily inspection of man-made board production enterprises. In addition, also focus on strengthening the man-made board production enterprises to help services. Dunhua City, Jilin Province is one of the key forest areas,[url=http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/9218.html]online buy wpc decking spain[/url] forest resources are very rich, Jilin Province is an important product of forest products. Especially in recent years, have emerged a number of a certain size and strength of wood-based panel production enterprises and formed a strong momentum of

development. Recently,Highway Noise Wall Sale Spain
Dunhua city government to scientific development as the command, to focus on scientific and technological transformation to Changbai Mountain advantage of timber resources as the basis, give full play to the advantages and resources of Dunhua City, to develop high quality, high technology content of solid wood flooring as the focus Create a national high-quality solid wood flooring production base activities. Dunhua City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of the city's wood-based panel production enterprises to carry out archives to build archives,[url=http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/4387.html]used composite decking lumber for sale[/url] to strengthen the Jilin wood-based panel production enterprises to

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