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Based on sand with good performance, structure plus mobile is to make the whole device, a menace. Equipment for quarry crusher can not subject to environmental constraints, to reach any sand demand site, on the site adaptability, convenient, safe and reliable. 

The integration of the entire unit is compact and reasonable, small occupation area, enhance the flexibility of site stationed; the field can be the first line of material crushing, eliminating the middle link of material from the scene to crushing, greatly reduce the transportation cost of material. 

Mobile sand production line of production, closely combining the industry demand by sand, sand making equipment with high performance, can simultaneously on the hard and super hard abrasive material crushing and finely homework, with coarse crushing and fine crushing and screening system this system sand production line, can be stand-alone group work independently, can also be flexible system configuration unit combined operation. 

Mobile sand production line of including mobile jaw crusher, mobile crusher, mobile cone crusher, Raymond mill etc.. Based on many years of production experience, can provide customized personalized mobile production line for the customer, make the sand mining operations can adapt to a variety of field flow in the wild, become the excellent performance of mine off-road equipment.

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In recent years, the development speed of Chengdu very quickly, coupled with a strong historical and cultural heritage, is the city's tourism industry to obtain the considerable development, Chengdu sand making machine in the construction industry and constantly got affirmation and application. Originally, in the mineral processing production line of the traditional, sand making machine is not commonly used, thus the question is: the material quality is very low production line, more impurities in the finished material, cause as aggregate material adhesion is not strong, as the coating material is thin and greasy.After gradual development, people found that the sand making machine is a good solution to the problem.

Chengdu is an important gateway to the southwest city, along with the development of tourism, the Chengdu construction industry and related equipment industry has achieved rapid development. The application of all kinds of Chengdu quarry crusher are, because the requirement of service in tourism building decorative material is relatively high. All used for building exterior marble, granite, pebbles, Ishi, terrazzo, hardness, color congruent beautiful and durable stone, broken equipment in processing into the required grain type, often contain a lot of dirt, impurities and powder, if not promptly cleared out, it will lead to the exterior stone can not very good adhesion in the building, or the color is not clear, graded not reasonable etc.
In the decoration of the building materials industry, sand making machine really find direction. Various sizes of ore in the crushing or sand, simple screening, with Zenith specially developed Chengdu portable crusher on the market of decorative building materials quality rapid promotion. Has had an enormous effect, stems from the sand washing device with low cost and excellent performance. Consider the internal member sand making machine is easy to wear, and water pollution problems, Zenith uses the structural layout of good and effective sealing design, avoid bearing damaged by soaking, sand and pollutants. In consideration of washing, dehydration, grade three function, makes the improvement to the equipment engineer, ultimately make the device has simple and reasonable structure, low water consumption, low noise. More importantly, cleaning powerful so that a large number of providing high quality decorative building materials become possible.

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